Pricing and Options



Firebird Pricelist (prices in US Dollars)

Firebird Classic without sails or trailer
12 meter carbon mast and carbon beams
Firebird Daysailer without sails or trailer
11 meter aluminum mast, aluminum beams
Simple trailer 4000
Daysailer folding trailer 5500
Classic folding trailer 7000
Simple mylar main, jib (12m mast) 3600
Racing carbon main, kevlar jib, screacher,
nylon spinnaker (12m mast)
Spinnaker pole and halyard 1500
Fold up outboard bracket for daysailer 1100
12 meter carbon epoxy mast for daysailer 4000
Carbon epoxy beams for daysailer 5500
5 hp extra long shaft outboard engine 1300
Lights and simple electrical system 800
Cruising package (5'x11' fold up soft cabin,
6' headroom, 100 lb.)
Bottom paint, 3 coats premium,
wet sanded and burnished
Compressed gas righting system 4000
Custom work $55/hour
Delivery FOB Boston or $1/mile measured one way








Contact: Still Water Design, 1 Winnisimmet Street, Chelsea, MA, 02150, by e-mail:, tel.: 781.608.3079
Credits: photos by Lorin Alusic and Claus-Christian Plass